Zong 4G becomes connectivities partner for Saleem Memorial Trust Hospital


Cutting-edge digital connectivity results will give unmatched backing to feed the day-to-day business requirements of Saleem Memorial Trust Hospital.
The cooperation has homogenized in a signing form held in Lahore in the presence of operations from both associations. With the ambition to digitally transfigure Pakistan and equip commercial realities with its unexampled connectivity results, the cooperation is a testament to Zong’s commitment to easing corporates to operate more efficiently, unite more effectively, and connect better with their guests. Through this collaboration, Saleem Memorial Trust Hospital will
Opening on the cooperation, the prophet of Zong 4G said,” Our commercial and business results are paving the way towards a connected world by furnishing innovative, forfeiture-tuned business operations and intelligent digital results. We’re thrilled to partnered with Saleem Memorial Trust Hospital to give them with connectivity results. Our acclimatized commercial results are designed to grease the companies to embark on their digital metamorphosis trip.”
Saleem Memorial Trust Hospital( SMTH), Lhr, is one of the nation’s largest multi-specialty private hospitals with 350 beds. High-quality medical installation in the municipality of Lahore and its surroundings. Equipped with ultramodern installations and the rearmost medical outfit and manned by a largely trained staff, this state-of-the-art sanitarium will deliver internationally similar healthcare services, including – exigency services.
Through bespoke results, Zong 4G

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