World’s Best & Fastest 3D Textile Printer Has Been Brought In Pakistan

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The beauty of digital printing is to run tradition and modernization side by side. That’s what Future Fashion understands and works upon. It started working with traditional printing methods and has now shifted to the world’s best 3D printer for digital printing. It is the most advanced method of designing that is applicable throughout the world. FutureFashionTex is one of the leading Pakistani textile industries that mainly deal with digital printing. It works on the most advanced methods and utilizes some high-end machinery for the purpose.

Which Advanced Machinery Has Been Brought to Future Fashion Tex for Digital Printing

3D printers were introduced in the world a few years back. The technically advanced countries have been using it for the past few years for clothing. However, this is something new in Pakistan, and Future Fashion tex- that is a Lahore-based digital printing textile industry- is one of the pioneers to bring it to the country.

Future Fashion has ultra-modern, state-of-the-art machinery for digital printing. The high-tech for greige fabric produces the finest printed finishing product. Moreover, the recently added BOLT printing machine by EFI Reggiani (Italy) is yet another valuable addition to the company. It is the main 3D printing machine in the company, and it is also one of the best ones in the world. It has simplified and advanced the printing process a lot more than before. This is the reason why the company is getting fame due to its ultra-modern 3D printed designs that have some traditional colors as well.

Similarly, the MS JPK Evo and Atexco digital printing machine has features for superior quality printing and has a high production capacity. This machine can do a hefty amount of printing in one go; therefore, it is the backbone of the company. Future Fashion Tex relies on its 3D printers a lot now because they have produced amazing results.

3D Printed Products of Future Fashion Tex

Future Fashion Tex doesn’t only deal with women’s clothing. It sure is its main product, and ladies love its clothes a great deal, but the company does more than that. Apart from clothing, it makes digitally printed bed sheets and covers. There are other household clothing products the company makes beautifully. It is also a home digital textile company where you can find different types of digitally printed curtains, table runners, cushions, bedsheets, and other items.

Other than greige fabric, the company deals in cotton, silk, and other clothing fabrics. It aims to expand its products to T-shirts, apparel, jeans, scarf, and other clothing items.

Future Fashion Tex is a digital printing textile company that deals in digital reactive printing, sublimation printing, and digital fabric printing. The first one is a simple process that is done on the lawn, cotton, linen, and other clothing fabric. However, the second one is printed on the paper first and is then transferred to the cloth. The last one is the ink-jet based printing method.

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