Trying to figure out everything about the new HUAWEI nova 9? Here are all the questions answered about the Trendy Flagship & Camera King!

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You can finally now lay your hands on the Trendy Flagship & Camera King, the HUAWEI nova 9. Huawei’s latest smartphone comes with an array of splendid features including a stunning design highlighted by an all-new colourway – Colour No. 9. A magnificent 50MP Ultra Vision Camera, a large battery with blazing fast charging speeds and of course, with Huawei you can always expect EMUI 12 cool features and Super Device capabilities. Here are all your questions answered about the Trendy flagship & Camera King!

 HUAWEI nova 9

In terms of design, what is special about the HUAWEI nova 9?

If you have been searching for a phone that looks as good as it works then the HUAWEI nova 9 is surely for you. Huawei’s Trendy Flagship & Camera King explodes into the scene with a brand-new colourway; Huawei calls this new colour – Colour No. 9, there is also a Black version. The low-saturation bluish purple finish is created with a new ‘Starry Flash AG Glass’ manufacturing process[1] to produce a thrilling effect. The HUAWEI nova 9 comes with a stunning 6.57-inch Original-Colour Curved 120Hz refresh arte Display with a tapered surface that flows like a waterfall, minimising the left and right bezels for more immersive viewing. Combined with support for full-path P3 colour, the display ensures spectacular viewing experiences with smooth visuals, vivid colours and incredible details. While measuring only 7.77mm in thickness and with an overall weight of 175g, making it perfect for slipping into your handbag or pocket when out and about! In addition, the HUAWEI nova 9 sports a Star Orbit Ring design at the back, making the phone recognisable and eye-catching.

How good is the camera setup in the HUAWEI nova 9?

Dubbed as the Trendy flagship & Camera King, the HUAWEI nova 9 excels in photography and videography. Armed with a rear camera system which includes a 50MP Ultra Vision Camera, an 8MP Ultra Wide Angle Camera, a 2MP Depth Camera and a Macro Camera that lets you capture at as close as 4cm. Both the front and rear cameras support 4K shooting at 30fps, allowing you to express yourself through short videos and vlogs for social media. The main camera has a large 1/1.56-inch sensor and a RYYB colour filter array with a high light sensitivity. This collects 40 percent more light[2] compared to a standard RGGB sensor, ensuring the utmost clarity on all images, while enabling outstanding low light performance

Is it true you can record videos continuously using the rear and front cameras at once?

Yes, that is true. The HUAWEI nova 9’s 32MP front camera is perfect for selfies in addition to its 4K selfie video recording and Portrait Mode which both help your selfie-portraits pop with Bokeh Portrait. There are also AI Beauty effects and filters you can use. Selfies never looked so slick. 

Moreover, introducing an all-new feature – Continuous Front/Rear Recording. With this innovation, you can also switch between the front and rear cameras to fluidly capture stories within a single video file. There is also Dual-View Video recording that allows you to showcase live reaction to events, simultaneously using the front and rear cameras with no editing required or, for when you want to show the big picture and the detail, you can simultaneously capture a close up shot and wide angle shot at the same time.

How long do I need to charge my phone to get a full battery?

What use is a good-looking smartphone with an amazing camera setup if it cannot power you through a day? Whether for gaming, recording, working or simply browsing the Internet, the HUAWEI nova 9 delivers excellent battery life with a large and long lasting 4300mAh battery[3], which is supported by a 66W HUAWEI SuperCharge. The smartphone can be charged much faster; it only takes 15 minutes to charge to 53% and 38 minutes to full 100%.

Can I connect my phone with my tablet or my laptop and use the two at once?

Yes you can. The HUAWEI nova 9 comes with Super Device features and it runs on EMUI 12. You can swipe to open the Control Panel and get quick access to audio playback, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings without leaving your current screen[4], as well as making it easier to control multiple devices as if you were controlling just one device. For example, you can tap on the HUAWEI MatePad icon to activate Smartphone-Tablet Multi-screen Collaboration; or tap on the HUAWEI MateBook icon for Smartphone-PC Multi-screen Collaboration or tap on the HUAWEI FreeBuds icon to seamlessly switch audio output to Huawei earbuds. With the Distributed File System, the HUAWEI nova 9 can also function as a wirelessly

connected external storage unit for the PC, meaning you can access the files you want more easily than ever before.

Offering a smart and seamless experience, the trusted, innovative and secure AppGallery comes pre-installed on the HUAWEI nova 9, where users can search for, and download a wide range of high-quality apps.

Modern tech-chic users need a phone with a stylish and stunning design, solid camera setup, supercharging speed, and intriguing cool features making the HUAWEI nova 9 one of the best choices out there today.

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[1] Only for the Colour No. 9 edition

[2] Data from Huawei labs

[3] Typical value.

[4] This function is only applicable to certain Huawei devices. The device needs to be logged into the same Huawei account, with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth turned on. Devices previously connected to your phone will be recognized as trusted devices and be listed under Device+. For more information on which device models and software version support this feature, please contact Huawei customer service.

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