TPL Life Insurance launches TPL Life Muavin

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TPL Life Insurance launches TPL Life Muavin

The state of the are virtual agent induction module aims to make it convenient for everyone to be a part of the TPL Life Family

Known as the easiest company to deal with, TPL Life Insurance Ltd has launched TPL Life Muavin, a state of the art Virtual Agent Induction Module. Touted as the doorway to financial well being for anyone and everyone whether a young job seeker looking to establish a career in insurance sales or to finance higher education, a salaried professional, a startup, a businessman looking for alternate means of development or a house wife looking for an alternate source of income for the household.

TPL Life Muavin is an easy and simple platform that enables individuals from all walks of life to learn about insurance products and services and upon successful completion of courses, to become a certified TPL Life Virtual Agent i.e. a TPL Life MUAVIN and earn a brilliant livelihood for themselves and their families.

At the launch event, Mr. Faisal Abbasi, CEO – TPL Life Insurance Ltd, said “This indeed is a dream come true. TPL Life Muavin program will definitely help the cause of providing the masses with an excellent opportunity to learn and earn. This initiative is yet another loop in the innovation and digital chain that we vowed to harness in our quest to transform the ways in which people deal with insurance companies and their services. We are pleased to introduce another first of its kind platform to the people of


TPL Life provides innovative life and health insurance products which adhere to international standards and address the divergent needs of Pakistanis. The company came into existence with a mandate of providing top-notch quality and affordable insurance solutions based on the strength of their seasoned professionals.

Further information about TPL Life Muavin can be gathered from the company’s website.




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