Top Trends to Following in SEO in 2020

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It is the start of a new year. At , we have been able to take time off to reflect on the leading SEO trends of 2019 and evaluate how they define the New Year.

There have been Google algorithm updates and consumer behavior has changed. The best advice we at have for digital marketing in Dubaiis that old SEO practices will be insufficient. You need to apply your personal experience and apply forward-thinking. In North America, Google is the most-used search engine. On average, each year, it gets about 500-600 search algorithm updates. Let us look at the most important trends and aspects to focus on in 2020.

Organic SEO

This has been and still is the most important marketing strategy for online visibility. You have to stick with advanced link-building tactics to improve your visibility with digital marketing in Dubai. When it comes to advanced link building, you need to place your content on third party sites, establish generic directories using paid links, web 2.0 blogs, and guest blogs. Also, pay attention to website development to make the user experience excellent.

Local SEO

Map visibility is very important in 2020. You need to make sure people can find your company on the local directories. To achieve this, you need to make a good GMB (Google My Business) profile. This requires using the right links to your website and keywords. You need to fill in details like name, address, and phone number (or NAP). This year, digital marketers have to be very particular about consistency for optimal results in local SEO.

Blogging andWeb Content

Do not ignore the fact that over the years, Google has become smarter. The algorithm updates now mean that Google understands the content. It pays attention to human understanding and languages. You have to make sure that the content is relevant, well written, and informative (emphasis on informative) and authentic. Digital marketers have to focus on providing high quality, original content for SEO services in the UAE.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has not gone obsolete. Some companies that understand the power of reaching out to potential customers who visited their website are hitting it big. Emails are an effective way of sharing information about your products and services. Use them and throw in the right links to your website. The more traffic you get the more you rank on search engines.

Social Media Advertising &Pay Per Click (PPC)

Social Media Advertising and Google AdWords or PPC became quite famous in 2019, and this trend will continue throughout 2020 and onwards. These are the best was to capture your customers’ attention. You must have a budget for ads if you want to get customers without organic ranking. With this comes the need to focus on remarketing strategies. Digital marketers will have to understand consumer behavior using sales funnels and market their products or services more effectively.

With these effective strategiesfor SEO services in the UAE, there are innumerable opportunities for any business to grow. However, do not forget the importance of great website development and hosting services. Continue to work towards a great social media presence and stay up-to-date with the latest developments and trends in digital marketing in Dubai.

SEO Strategy Guide to Beat Competition in 2020

It is the start of a New Year – do you want to make sure you lead the competition with the best SEO services in 2020? If you want to beat your competition and outrank them here are three things you must do:

  1. Produce the best content
  2. Have the most effective distribution plan
  3. Apply the best optimization strategies

To accomplish these three things, you need to follow these tips:

Search Valuable and Informative Content

The web has a problem with content. The problem is that there is too much content, and knowing which one to choose can be daunting. You can literally search online for anything, and there will be several thousands of results. You need to know how to pick the most relevant intent-oriented content you need and use it to develop your content. Yes, content Google suggests is usually of the best quality and relevance, thanks to the upgrades in Google algorithm. Within a few microseconds, it fetched the suggestions based on specifics in SEO.

You may wonder how Google decides which website deserves to rank on top. Google considers more than 200 factors. Based on the best fit; it sorts the numerous most relevant sites in the right order. So how do you meet the most requirements to rank? SEO services in UAE have become quite challenging. Companies like know what to do to achieve the number one position on Google.

Keyword Research & Optimization

It is all about understanding what relevant keywords to use, which keywords your competitor is using and planning the right content strategy to rank. You also need to consider what words people looking for your business will type. The more you use relevant keywords on your website the more the chances that you will get to the top. When you hire the right company for SEO services in UAE, you can be sure they will do all the keyword research and help optimize your website accordingly. Some key details to pay attention to include:

  • Anchor texts of internal links
  • H1-H4 headings
  • Image filenames, ALT attributes, and captions
  • Meta descriptions
  • Other text
  • Page URL addresses
  • Titles

Competitor Research

How would you measure the success of a site? In order to beat your competition, you must know what their keyword optimization strategy is. How much traffic and conversions are they likely having? The company offering the most dependable SEO services in UAE will have all the answers to these questions.

Page Speed Optimization

Getting to the top of search engines is not all. If your SEO is working well enough to get you to the top of searches, but you still do not get conversions, then there is a problem with page speed. Most people underestimate the importance of excellent website development. When the website is made using the best hosting services and user-friendly interface, it is bound to be a success. Moreover, the design must be mobile-friendly. This means the website must load within the first 10 seconds if you want to impress and hook potential customers.

Technical Audit

Companies that offer SEO services in the UAE, with a good reputation offer free technical audits. This means giving you a report on the following and fixing it.

  • Broken images
  • Broken links
  • Broken redirects
  • Crawling issues
  • Dead-end pages
  • Indexing issues
  • Missing meta tags
  • Orphaned pages
  • Schema markup errors
  • Server errors

This list of things to do will help you achieve SEO in 2020. Wishing you luck!

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