The Kids Jungle Safari at Packages Mall successfully concludes after attracting over 30,000 attendees in Lahore!

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Pakistan’s popular shopping destination, Packages Mall, concludes Kids Jungle Safari with over 30,000 families enjoying the festivities. The two weeks long event provided a platform for families to come together through quality entertainment for children and parents alike. The event showcased a plethora of activities namely, live animals, origami lessons, story-telling, painting and Virtual Reality amongst many others. Apart from the general public, various schools organized field trips for their students as part of an interactive way of educating the young.

The concept behind the event was to promote togetherness of families and provide them with a healthy entertainment outlet where they can indulge in and experience edutainment centered around animals under one roof. By providing a space for the children to safely interact with animals and animal related fun activities, Packages Mall endeavored to instill empathy and awareness amongst the younger generation towards different species.

“Packages Mall is delighted to be able to provide a much-needed opportunity for families to come together and immerse in the concept of Jungle Safari. Children are brimming with energy and passion; it is the duty of our generation to create safe spaces for them to express themselves and learn from each other in a healthy environment. By curating this immersive experience, we aimed to indulge families with young children in an interactive stage setting where education meets entertainment” said Shahzad Anwar, Marketing Manager Packages Mall.

In addition to the standard activities, Packages Mall also collaborated with Rahman and Rahman Dental Clinic to launch the “Smile Safari campaign which offeredfree dental checkups for children with the objective to promote a better culture of dental care and hygiene amongst the masses.

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