Tetra Pak donates PKR 22 million’s to PRCS for flood victims

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Sardar Shahid Ahmed laghari says purple crescent is grateful for the beneficial remedy from tetra pack Pakistan for you to assist us in mobilizing heaps of humans to safety and provide them with critical alleviation and lots-wanted assistance.

Mr. Misbah Burney says that tetra pack believes in serving its element by supporting a chief humanitarian actor inclusive of the percent that has been actively worried in riding alleviation efforts throughout the country with first-rate financial diligence and use of the nearby capability.

Islamabad, November 2, 2022: tetra Pak Pakistan has also progressed to donate a beneficiant sum of pkr 22 million to guide the Pakistan red crescent society (Percent) in reaction to their emergency enchantment to maximize flood relief efforts across the USA to address the alarming situation. the donation cheque turned into presented via Mr. Misbah Burney, finance director of tetra pack Pakistan, to the chairman of Pakistan crimson crescent society, Mr. Sardar Shahid Ahmed laghari, at p.c. National headquarters in Islamabad right here on Wednesday.

During this engagement, each representative mentioned an element regarding everyday demanding situations confronted by flood sufferers and the need for all stakeholders to work together and increase the scope of remedy efforts.

Misbah Burney identified this relief assistance as a firm dedication from tetra pack to assist shield the groups it operates. he said, “the massive havoc and wreckage caused by those floods have shattered those communities, riding hundreds of thousands out in their houses and into the open to stand a chance and disorder like by no means witnessed earlier than. For an efficient potential building of relief efforts. We believe in serving our part by way of helping a first-rate humanitarian actor, which includes the Pakistan purple crescent. Which actively worried in using comfort efforts across us with great financial diligence and use of neighborhood potential.”

Chairman percent, Sardar Shahid Ahmed Bagheri stated, “we are heartbroken by using the tragic lack of such a lot of lives and the misery and worry these floods have introduced to human beings across Pakistan who’re now looking to are looking for protection and shelter to protect their families. Pink Crescent relief operation is ongoing in the flood-affected areas, and our relief teams are on the ground and working spherical the clock, providing alleviation and rescue offerings to the distressed people”.

He stated that p.c. is grateful for the generous Comfort guide from tetra Pak Pakistan, intending to assist us in mobilizing thousands of humans to safety and provide them with important remedies and lots-needed help.

The assistance right away required by way of flood sufferers is lifestyle-saving. However, the impact of this flooding might be lengthy-term. The vast loss to the cattle and agriculture quarter will affect not only the livelihoods of those stricken by it but also us of a’s the meals security scenario over the medium and long term. There’s a dire need for all stakeholders to work together and adopt clever answers.

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