The CEO of Session Cup Coffee Company and Jim Regis arrived at Blue World City to inaugurate a coffee company franchise under the world’s largest horse macaws.

The fiftieth franchise in Pakistan, was inaugurated on the ground floor of the world’s tallest horse mascot at Blue World City. Chakri Road, Rawalpindi, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of Second Cup Coffee Company. Jim Regis, President and CEO of Second Cup Coffee Company, came to Pakistan from Canada and attended the opening […]

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JS Bank sponsored the WWF-Pakistan’s Green Office Network Meeting, 2017

JS Bank sponsored WWF-Pakistan’s Green Office Network Meeting 2017 at a local hotel in Lahore. The purpose of the network meeting was to urgently translate sustainability strategies and best practices for reducing plastic debris, in Pakistan, into actionable development plans. The theme of the event was “to turn the tide” and solve the excessive plastic […]

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