Shireen Lakdaawala Announces Afreen Collection with Beautiful Colors & Fabrics

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Upgrading your personality according to current fashion is imperative. Ladies, especially, takes care of it more than men. That’s the reason why Shireen Lakdawala who is Pakistan’s one of the newest but demanding dress designers- keeps bringing beautiful collections. She recently announced Afreen Collection in which dresses with beautiful colors and fabric are present. Enjoy wearing one of her recent ones, and give your personality a chic look.

Who is Shireen Lakdwala?

As mentioned above, Shireen Lakdawala is one of those Pakistani dress designers who are a novice but is very much preferred by ladies throughout the country. She deals with women’s clothing only and is ladies’ one of the first choices when it comes to buying dresses. Females in Pakistan usually prefer wearing Pakistani designer dresses; therefore, they keep searching for something unique. The reason for Shireen Lakdawala’s preference is she understands the needs of a woman and brings exactly what they want. She has an insight into a lady’s mind and works accordingly. Therefore, women in Pakistan love her a great deal, and the designer is getting fame with each passing day. Her recent Afreen Collection is yet another hit and made the ladies in awe with each article.

What’s There in Afreen Collection?

Afreen Collection’s uniqueness is due to the elegance incorporated in the details of each dress. Shireen Lakdwala made sure that she work on each article herself and gave them intricate details. You can’t judge what’s there in it apparently, but once you wear it, you will stand out among a group of ladies. It gives an overall delicacy and class to your personality because they have been nicely worked upon.

Moreover, you won’t have to worry about whether it’s your day or night party because Afreen Collection has dresses for all your needs. Moreover, there are some heavily embroidered dresses, and you will also find some light partywear. The choice is yours as you can wear according to your taste and the event you are attending. Make sure that the collection neither includes casual dresses nor daily wears. It is an opulent collection where you can find clothes for parties and occasions only.

You will find different colors and fabric of the dresses in the collection. The light party wears are made up of causally worn fabric such as cotton and silk. However, they are nicely embroidered and worked upon to fit your party needs. On the other hand, the heavy dresses are made with fancy fabric, and details are even deeper and heavier on them. Therefore, choose accordingly and make your event worthwhile.

How to Buy a Dress from Afreen Collection?

Shopping at Shireen Lakdawla’s website is super-easy! The Afreen Collection is now live, and you can see it displaying widely on the main home page. Go to it and get your hands on the entire collection. Select the one you like and see it in detail by zooming it in and read all the details of the dress. Once satisfied, add it to the cart and place your order.

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