Sania Maskatiya set to reveal ‘Sahvar’at Hum Showcase S/S 2018


Sania Maskatiya set to reveal Sahvarat Hum Showcase S/S 2018

 After the critically acclaimed showcase at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2018, multi-award winning fashion house Sania Maskatiya is set to reveal their S/S’18 Luxury Prét collection, Sahvarat Hum Showcase S/S 2018 on 30th March 2018. The showcase will be complemented by jewellery from Allure by MHT and music by Dj Shah Munir.

This Spring/Summer season, Sania Maskatiya explores artisanal craftsthrough the use ofzardoz, resham, beads and sequins for Sahvaras they embellish varied hemlines and layers.Featuring luxury fabrics of silk and various nets in cream, gold and silver, the collection follows Sania Maskatiya’s signature silhouettes, both structural and fluid.

Founded in 2010, the Sania Maskatiya brand is best known for their versatile, specialised prints, textile design based on pure fabrics, unique colours, and fine craftsmanship. The fashion label employs its own in-house printing, embroidery and stitching units with a dedicated team of talented textile graduates. Indeed, Sania’s designs often take imaginative inspiration from a unique interplay of colours, depicting imagery inspired by nature and her environment, often juxtaposed with a sumptuous twist.

The brands runway shows are much anticipated by critics and patrons alike in Pakistan, Europe, India and the US and to this end consistently showcase at the PFDC and FPW platforms in Pakistan, also having showcased at Lakme Fashion Week in India. The Sania Maskatiya brand continues to expand both nationally and internationally. In Pakistan the brand boasts four stand-alone stores each of which is located in prime shopping locations both in Karachi and Lahore. The brand is further available at select national stockists. Internationally, the brand continues to develop regional and global presence. In terms of retail and global accessibility, the brand is further available worldwide through a dedicated e-commerce store, in the Middle East through a stand-alone retail space in Dubai and in Europe, the US, Singapore and India through a series of stockists.The HUM Showcaseramp show comes hot on the heels of Sania Maskatiya’s Lux Style Award win for their Achievement in Fashion Design – Luxury Prét last month and critically acclaimed ramp showcase ofColour Dash at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2018 earlier this month.


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