Realme Unveils its Production Process to its Community with a Visit to its Assembly Plant in Pakistan


Behind every successful business, an army of loyal fans supports its endeavours. For realme, the strong presence of its fans has always felt in every step of the journey to grow to the heights that the smartphone brand has reached now. realme aims to maintain a certain level of transparency with its community of fans. Having them know how realme operates, what goes into making realme devices, and the realm’s core values are fundamental in developing the tech democratizer’s relationship with its fan community.

For this reason, realme decided to pull back the curtain on Wednesday, 10th August 2022, during its 828 Fan Fest celebrations and took a group of select fans to their assembly plant on the outskirts of Lahore. An exciting hi-tea and bowling session followed this inside look at the bowling alley in Uptown, LA. This Fan Meetup presented an excellent opportunity for realme fans to mingle with each other, get to know the people in the community, and familiarize themselves with the faces behind their favourite technology brand.

Fans gathered at realme Headquarters in Lahore at noon on Wednesday, after which they loaded into buses provided by realme to take them to the assembly plant. While on the bus, realme fans and employees took part in various engaging ice breaker activities to set the mood for the remainder of the day and dispel any inhibitions fans may have about socializing freely. Once they arrived at the assembly plant, they taken inside to get a breakdown of how realme devices made. The functionality of the plant has explained while the fans taken through the production process of realme phones from start to finish. Fans even witnessed the testing machinery in action as they marvelled at the durability of realme phones during the drop, scratch, and more.

After exploring the factory to their heart’s content, the fan community has loaded into buses again to taken to the final venue of the realme Fan Meetup – Uptown, LA. The venue has decked out in realme décor to welcome the fan community with grandeur. Once at the venue, the community has greeted by the Country Director of realme, Syed Mashood Hassan.

Who delivered an inspiring welcome speech thanking the fans for their unwavering support during smooth times and turbulent times and emphasizing the Fan-Centric approach of realms operations. A cake-cutting ceremony has held with the participation of realme’s fans and employees to share the celebration. The floor has then opened for the community to hit the bowling lanes and roll out a new high score. A hi-tea buffet was also provided for fans to indulge in as they enjoyed their games. Each attendee of the realme Fan Meet-up also left the event with their goodie bag of giveaways.

While this may have been the first realme’s Fan Meetup of its kind, it certainly won’t be the last. As a brand, realme’s prioritizes getting to know its Consumers so that it can cater to their interests as best as possible. However, it is equally as crucial that the realm’s fans get to know the company on a deeper level to understand better the efforts they are making for them in the market and to acquaint them with the human faces behind the brand. Events like these are essential touch points to deepen pre-existing bonds between a brand and its fans. Stay tuned for more exciting updates regarding realme’s Fan Fest activities throughout August.

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