In Pictures: Pakistan reveals its “Emotional States” via “Aangan” at the 2nd edition of the London Design Biennale 2018!

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The 2nd edition of the London Design Biennale kicked off few days back at the prestigious Somerset House in London, Pakistan is amongst the 40 countries participating and interpreting this year’s theme of ‘Emotional States’ via its official pavilion Aangan.

For Aangan, Wagging Tongues Productions have collaborated with the Kaarvan Crafts Foundation, an organization dedicated to empowering rural women by providing life skills that could prove to be opportunities towards attaining economic and material goods.

A multi-layered installation of garments, sound and video, the Pakistan pavilion Aangan – meaning the courtyard of a traditional home or haveli – aims to capture the sense of community inherent in the country’s female-dominated textile industry, its largest manufacturing sector.

The curator, filmmaker and sculptor Mariam Majid (from Wagging Tongues Productions), aimed to convey the inner world of the artisan, while emphasizing how these largely un recognised women contribute to the global garment industry.

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