OPPO Takes Lead in Unveiling Innovative Technologies – Under-Screen Camera and MeshTalk at MWC Shanghai 2019

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OPPO unveiled its ground breaking technology Under-Screen Camera (USC) at MWC Shanghai 2019, which offers “real full screen” user experience. Meanwhile, OPPO debuted MeshTalk technology, which is a proprietary decentralized communication technology that enables the transmission of texts, voice messages and real-time voice calls between OPPO devices within a range of 3km without cellular networks, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

 “OPPO is committed to product and technology innovation that creates a more immersive and comprehensive experience for users,” said QiaoJiadong, Product Manager at OPPO.“USC and MeshTalk are part of OPPO’s vision for the future that we hope will promote theindustry’s technological evolution from zero to one. We also view our technological innovation as a way to expand the imagination while opening up a wide range of application scenarios.”

 OPPO premieres first Under-Screen Camera that offers more immersive full-screen experience

 USC is OPPO’s latest innovation in new-generation smartphone form factor. By integrating the front camera and the screen, USC provides users with a complete view, an immersive screen and an integrated body. It also enables users to see and capture the entire screen, take photos, use face unlock and make video calls.


                                                                     Under-screen Camera features a customized camera module


AsOPPO’s latest under-screen display solution,USCfeaturesa customized camera module that captures more light; zoning control is employed on the screen, together with“highly-transparent” material that enhances transmittance of light through the screen. Besides, through OPPO’s customized algorithm, haze removal algorithm and white balance algorithm, USC can enable complete photography experience and support features like smart beauty mode and photo filers in the future.


“As smartphone offers more functionalities nowadays, users have higher demand for immersive and broad screen view. From the water-drop screen to pivot structure, to USC technology announced today, OPPO has been exploring the best balance between ‘thin and light’ and ‘full screen’,” said QiaoJiadong, “OPPO hopes to provide users with the ultimate ‘true full screen’ through the USC technology.”

OPPO’s MeshTalk technology enables communications without cellular networks within 3km

MeshTalk isa new proprietary decentralized communications technology that enables the transmission of texts, voice messages and real-time voice calls between OPPO devices within a range of 3km without cellular networks, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

The technology also allows multiple devices to create ad hoclocal area networks (LAN), enabling group chatcap abilities and expanding communication range via signal relay.MeshTalksupportsLAN communications wherever OPPO devices are within signal range of one another.

To develop its MeshTalk technology, OPPO customized the communication chipset to realize the advantages of lower power consumption and longer distance. MeshTalk is an innovative end-to-end communications and mesh communications solution for mobile phone solution that empowers users with a higher level of privacy. Hence, MeshTalk is expected to realize more comprehensive applications in extreme environments, emergency communications and some outdoor environments.

OPPO explores 5G and IoT smart home application scenarios and embraces the new era of5G + intelligent connectivity


In addition to debuting its two innovative technologies, OPPO also exhibited its latest achievements in 5G and IoT – OPPO Reno 5G can load large-scale mobile games in the cloud via a 5G network, enabling users to enjoy 5G cloud gaming.In the IoT Smart Home Zone, OPPO featured its IoT open platform, which is compatible with products across more than 20 categories,including more than 260 devices from a variety of brands.

                                                                     OPPO booth at MWC Shanghai 2019


OPPO has always been driven by both users’ needs and frontier technologies and is committed to optimizing user experience through R&D innovations. The technologies showcased by OPPO at MWC 2019 Shanghai indicate OPPO’s breakthrough and achievement in smartphone. Embracing the emerging 5G era, OPPO is committed to bringing innovative 5G experience to users soon and will continue to facilitate the realization of application scenarios that feature 5G + intelligent connectivity in the near future.

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