OPPO ColorOS 12-Won four design awards at the Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Designs 2022


OPPO ColorOS 12 won four design awards at the Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design Awards for 2022, recognizing the pioneering design of its operations system ColorOS12 with OPPO SANS Fonts, O Relax app, OMOJI, and the Two-Finger Split Screen function. 

OPPOSans -2022 RedDotWinner

OPPO SANS is a universal typeface designed by OPPO that covers 21 countries with 11 types of language. The visual optimization ranges from the font’s structure to its glyphs. Subtle optimization like simplifying strokes makes the font’s overall shape more concise and elegant. These updates establish a technology presence and allow it to strengthen its legibility in a variety of screen displays in different products.

ORelax-Cities -2022 RedDotWinner

O Relax is the OPPO’s digital wellbeing application that offers comforting music tracks, ambient nature, and city sound to relax your mind. Its crucial feature, Sounds of the City, inspired by specific locations in different cities, offer users high-quality ambience sounds recorded from locations around the globe, including Reykjavik, Beijing, and Tokyo. Each presented in the distinctive sound range from lively sounds such as energetic train and pavement sounds of a city to calming and quiet sounds like wind and rain; such an audible world can enable users to immerse themself in a calming experience.

Omoji – 2022 RedDotWinner

OPPO’s industry-leading Face Capture algorithm supports EMOJI from ColorOS 12; With the high precision models of expression built upon 52 core facial expressions together with 200+ stylistic elements, users can customize unique emoji that fit their style. 

Two-Finger Split Screen – 2022 Red Dot Winner

ColorOS12 tailored the “Two-Finger Split Screen” function to leverage the experience of using the 7.1-inch large screen of OPPO’s first folding screen mobile phone. Find N. Simply swipe down the middle of the foldable screen with two fingers, and the screen display will be instantly split into two. Such design is both naturally intuitive to users and easy to understand.

The Red Dot Design Award is among the most prestigious professional design competitions globally. Winning such awards recognizes OPPO’s world-class design capabilities. In the future, OPPO will continue to deliver users a more concise and comfortable experience through ColorOS. OPPO recently announced the date of the global online launch event for its most recent operating system, ColorOS 13. It will be one of the leading OEM working operating systems in light of Android 13 to be launched. Join the ColorOS Official Launch Event on YouTube and Twitter on 18th August at 7:00 PM GMT+8.

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