Mira Sethi’s love for literature lands her in at the prestigious Festival of Literature 2022


The exciting young talent of Pakistan, Mira Sethi will be participating in three different panels at the international Festival of Literature on the 5th and 6th of February taking place in Dubai. She will be sharing one of the panels with some of the well-known and award-winning writers.

The three panels where Mira Sethi will be speaking are ‘the strongly worded letters’ alongside Annabel Kantaria, Ben Miller, and Marina Wheeler, ‘peeling the onion’ with AvniDoshi, Farah Ali, and Selma Dabbagh and one panel is called ‘are you enjoying?’ where Mira Sethi will be the only one speaking.

These renowned writers will be talking about their literary journey and discussing the craft and inspiration behind their stories.

Mira Sethi was the former books editor at The Wall Street Journal with op-ed pieces in The New York Times, a well-known actress with regular appearances on Pakistani television and is now the author of a debut short story collection ‘Are You Enjoying’.

Link – https://tickets.emirateslitfest.co/search.aspx?SearchTerm=mira+sethi

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