METRO Cash & Carry Pakistan Donates to EDHI Foundation on UN’s International Day of Charity

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 As a symbol of its long-standing commitment towards social causes, METRO Pakistan (MCCPK) lent its support to EDHI Foundation and thus, the vulnerable factions of the society under its Care & Share initiative, and in alignment with UN on the International Day of Charity. It is recognized as a day when organizations, NGO’s and stakeholders all around the world rally together to make a positive difference.

METRO Cash & Carry Pakistan strongly believes in sustainable development by delivering economic, social and environmental benefits to all stakeholders. Therefore, eager to reach out to those in need and give back to the community, METRO Pakistan joined hands with EDHI Foundation which is a renowned non-profit social welfare organization, and was established by the late Abdul Sattar Edhi, a prominent Pakistani philanthropist, social activist and humanitarian.METRO Pakistan donated several cartons containing an array of supplies such as cushions, pillows, bed sheets, blankets, towels, sweaters, garments, baby clothes, sports items, and crockery amongst other items for residents of EDHI homes.

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