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Many women take a career break for various reasons to balance their priorities in different phases of their life. The struggle to re-enter the corporate sector is real since the business environment continues to evolve while they were away. To empower women and make the transition back to work easy, ‘Naya Aghaaz’ is a gateway that facilitates their return to the corporate sector.

The program enables Telenor Pakistan to future-proof its talent pool of potential female employees and future leaders not only for the organization, but also for other companies. At the heart of this journey is the ambition to create a robust and relatable way of work aimed at inclusion of women from diverse backgrounds into the organization, which in return brings diversity of thought and ideas as well.

A success story of ‘Naya Aghaaz’ is embodied by Iram Sarwar who is currently working as a Data Analytics Executive at Telenor Pakistan. Her career began after completing her masters in financial modeling from Glasgow University and was hired by Telenor Global Shared Services, however she decided to take a break from work when she got married. After a year she decided to resume her career to build on to her work experience and hard work in the past and her education.

Upon learning about the ‘Naya Aghaaz’ program, Iram decided that this was her chance to re-enter the organization she respected working with. She applied and was selected for the program which challenged her to perform at her best for the next six months. She had to prove to her manager that she was worthy of becoming a permanent part of Telenor Pakistan. The way she was welcomed provided her the motivation to exhibit renewed zeal and was able to secure a permanent role at the company. After a year into her current role, she has responsibilities at home that have doubled, however, she believes that her work keeps her grounded and focused.  The flexible hours, her family’s support, and her confidence have helped her resume her career.

Since the program’s inception, Telenor Pakistan has had 69 Naya Aghaaz associates on boarded, with a successful placement rate of 45% throughout the organization. The eligibility requirements for the program are women who have been on a career break for over a year after having two years of previous work experience.

As part of the company’s overall vision to empower societies, Telenor Pakistan greatly encourages diversity and inclusion. The organization takes pride in providing equal opportunities and giving women a chance to showcase their talent and contribute towards the success of not only for the organization but the society as well. Iram Sarwars’ success story is one of many through ‘Naya Aghaaz’, that highlights the need for increased female participation and platforms that encourage women to break through the barriers and continue making impact.

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