MAHGUL to introduce Luxury Pret for S/S ’18 at Hum Showcase 2018


MAHGUL to introduce Luxury Pret for S/S ’18 at Hum Showcase 2018

The design powerhouse will unveil latest collection“Flight of the BulBul: In Ascension”on Day 1

Critically acclaimed design house, MAHGUL, is set to introduce their latest luxury pret collection for S/S’18 titled ‘Flight of the BulBul: In Ascension’at Hum Showcase 2018, closing Day 1, March 28, 2018.Inspired by the designers’ sojourn to Africa, the collection represents an evolution of nature in this age, beyond industry and digitalization.

Indeed ‘Flight of the BulBul: In Ascension’is a commentary on our subsequent detachment from nature. For MAHGUL, it is about holding on to what little is left and keeping it relevant.“It’s always nature that inspires the human, we should remind ourselves constantly of that.” said designerMahgul Rashid.

To that end, the collection comprises of clean and easy silhouettes, maximal and minimalist in equal measure in blocks of colour. MAHGUL further explores textural play and an abstraction in prints, combined with hand painted, monochromatic accessories.

Established in 2014, MAHGUL is critically acclaimed as one of the Sub-Continent’s most exciting fashion brands, having debuted at the prestigious PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week platform in 2013. The brand is best known for their edgy, avantgarde interpretation of Pakistani design. Their vision is for each creation to juxtapose elements of fine art with high end fashion. The design house believes in dynamism and change, and work closely with craftsman to achieve new surfaces and provide work that is unique and evolutionary.

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