Long March vandalism case: PTI president’s interim bail extended till June 20

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Long March vandalism case: PTI president’s interim bail extended till June 20

The Sessions Court heard the case against the vandals during the long march. The court extended the bail of the PTI leaders till June 20.

According to private TV ARY, a case of vandalism was heard in the Sessions Court during a long march. The judge asked the prosecutor if the investigation of the cases has been completed. The prosecutor replied that the investigation is not complete yet. Asked how many people have not yet joined the investigation, the prosecutor replied that there were many statements but many people did not join the investigation.

PTI lawyer Babar Awan told the court that our leaders went to the police station but got reply that Sahib was not present. Talking to Babar Awan, the judge said that they do it in such a way that police station wise people can discuss the application for bail. Lawyer Babar Awan said that let it go as it is going on, we will not disappoint you, all the accused will be present, you should interrogate all the accused and make their presence known.

The court directed the prosecutor to conduct an all-inclusive inquiry in the courtroom. The judge remarked that they were complaining that they went to the police station but could not find the interrogator.

During the hearing, Shirin Mazari said, “I want to say something. I have been involved in the investigation and my lawyers will discuss today.” The judge said that we have fixed the date for Tuesday, we will discuss on the same day. Shirin Mazari requested that I be excused from attendance. Shirin Mazari, Zartaj Gul and Imran Ismail have applied for exemption from attendance at the next hearing Of

The judge directed lawyer Babar Awan to have only two lawyers present for the next hearing. The court room has more lawyers than the accused. The court adjourned the hearing till June 20.

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