LG Steam Washer: The Best Way to Keep What You Cherish Closer and Longer

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LG Steam Washer: The Best Way to Keep What You Cherish Closer and Longer

  Indispensable Steam™ Solution for Deep Clean, 99.9% Allergen RemovalLG Electronics (LG) has released a heartwarming video highlighting the striking antiallergen feature of the company’s Steam technology. The clip depicts steam as theessential love that keeps a girl close to her valuable teddy bear, which is full of memoriesof her mother. The highlighting of heartwarming moments with family accentuates thehygienic feature of Steam™ in allergy care.


The video also unveils LG’s latest washing machine, Steam Washing Machine, which boasts more powerful anti-allergy functions. Sterilization in daily life is growing in importance due to chronic problems caused by harmful substances such as dust and allergens in daily products. The washer is a great choice for consumers fearful of invisible harmful substances that can cause allergic reactions. The innovative Steam technology removes not only 99.9 percent of allergens but also the residue left by dead allergens.Clothing is washed at a temperature of 50-60℃ for 30 minutes, which effectively remove scomm on household allergens and eliminates 50.9 percent more allergens than other washers. As LG’s exclusive technology for clothing hygiene and anti-allergen, Steam™has also received certification allergens from the British Allergy Foundation for removing 99.9 percent of.

The Steam technology effectively demonstrates the company’s ceaseless efforts to improve consumer life and raise the bar higher in washer innovation. As seen in the video,all a user has to do is to simply steam wash clothes and household linens to keep them clean and hygienic. This is because Steam™ removes the extra step of worrying about invisible allergens and suffering from allergies.

Utilizing the industry’s latest technology in deep cleaning and anti-allergy care, LG shows that its technology is akin to love that helps people keep what they cherish closer. Thanks to the innovative allergy removal function of Steam™, LG’s washer brings unprecedented peace of mind and convenience to consumers amid heightened fears over harmful substances in daily life. The video can be accessed through the link:https://youtu.be/8BQPDrTrgIk


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