Jazz extends Digital Pakistan Fellowship Program to Fatima Jinnah Women University

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Jazz, Pakistan’s driving computerized administrator and a piece of VEON Gathering, is broadening its Advanced Pakistan Cooperation Program to the understudies of Fatima Jinnah Women University (FJWU), the country’s most memorable public women university. The Partnership is intended to draw in the young in a significant talk around tech-based development. It will furnish members with tech experiences, subsequently empowering them to assume a critical part in building the imaginative economy in light of the Computerized Pakistan story.
Jazz recently sent off this association program at the Public University of Sciences and Innovation (NUST) with a similar desire.
A service was held at FJWU to remember this development and a Reminder of Figuring out (MoU) was endorsed among Jazz and FJWU. This industry-the scholarly world organization is a reaffirmation of Jazz’s obligation to encouraging advancement drove practical development in Pakistan.The partnership program will likewise give partaking understudies the openness to grasp the subtleties of tech news coverage.
Talking at the marking service, Jazz Chief, Aamir Ibrahim, said, “Decidedly affecting the lives and jobs of women is at the core of all that we do at Jazz. We are continuously making new roads of development for women and through this organization, we desire to urge more women to partake in the tech-based talk in the country.”
Jazz’s alliance with FJWU is a demonstration of the telco’s obligation to speeding up public turn of events and computerized inclusivity. Through this partnership program, Jazz follows through on the accompanying Joined Countries Practical Advancement Objectives (SDGs): SDG 5 – Orientation Correspondence; SDG 9 – Industry, Development and Framework; and SDG 10 – Decreased Imbalance.

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