International Technical Symposium by FFC concludes successfully


Fauji Fertilizer Company FFC, leading fertilizer producer
successfully hosted a 2- day International Technical Symposium (ITSFFC) 2018 which
concluded on 18 th October at local Hotel in Islamabad. The event was an ideal amalgamation of
several industry experts, business leaders and knowledgeable speakers who shared their
valuable insights, experiences and strategies on technological advancements and innovative
solutions to combat industry challenges.
The symposium opened with a welcome address by the Symposium Manager who warmly
greeted the participants.

CE&MD FFC Lt. Gen Tariq Khan, HI(M) (Retd) expressed his gratitude for all the participants
and mentioned several challenges and prime concerns of the industry in general and Pakistan
in particular that needs proper attention both at National and International level. He hoped that
together at this symposium, everyone will have an integration of understanding and learning at a
collective level.

Chief Guest Mr. Khalid Mansoor- CEO The Hub Power Company stressed on the importance of
Symposium Theme: “Maximizing Asset Potential” as the key to the survival and success of all
kinds of businesses. He highlighted several factors impeding the growth of fertilizer industry like
high cost of inputs, depleting natural resources and inconsistent policies etc. He further added
that the industry should be consulted in formulation of trade and industry related policies. The
government and industry together needs to sensitize farming community and other stakeholders
on efficient use of fertilizer and other resources to tackle the challenges like water scarcity, food
and energy crises in the country.

The symposium was attended by around 300 delegates including leading international and
national companies. ITSFFC has now become an important learning platform offering great
opportunities for collaboration and tackling challenges being faced by the industry. It was much
appreciated by all participants.

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