Discovering diverse stories around the world; Infinix X Discovery Global Vlog Challenge is now live!

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Infinix today announced the launch of the Infinix X Discovery Global Vlog Challenge. Which aims to build an ecosystem of mobile Video-Graphy captured by Infinix users. The campaign aims to inspire users of passion mobile photography there by expressing. It through creative short videos on various social media channels.


With the penetration of smart-phones technology users and increased use of mobile based applications. Users all around the world are using short-form videos and Vlogs as a way of expressing themselves on social media. Keeping this need in mind, Infinix recently announced ZERO 20. Featuring an impressive world-first 60MP OIS + EIS based front camera. An excellent Auto-Focus function, and a 108MP high-definition three-lens camera for a cutting-edge photographic experience. Ultra-high resolution paired with OIS lets the user shoot photos and video footage with ultra-realistic clarity at all hours of the day. When it
comes to video-graphy, capturing high-quality footage with the OIS and EIS has now easier than ever with the Steady Shot feature.

Infinix Senior Product Director, Manfred Hong explained the usability of Infinix ZERO 20 camera by. Infinix X Discovery Global Mobile Vlog Challenge will create a community and shared platform for global users to interpret themselves through mobile Video-graphy, share their lives and stories as content creator, and interact with the greater community as well.

The strategy effectively delivers the brand philosophy to inspire users to express themselves,
document their lives, and explore the intricacies of their cultures.’

A True Passion for Content Creation

Sharing a shared passion for exploration, the core values of both Discovery and Infinix are remarkably similar. While the ZERO 20 explores itself using mobile content creation. Discovery leads human exploration in the natural world, showcasing the very best of Mother Nature. Infinix & Discovery will initiate the Global Mobile Vlog Challenge 2022 Discover Your Own Story from ZERO. Which will encourage users to pick up their smartphones and explore the world around them. The video taken on smartphones will display stunning content from all around the world as the individual perspective of the user or content creator.

The Awards evaluated by the Infinix expert jury. Who will assess the photography entries based on the strength of creativity, quality and professional expertise. In addition, the campaign will introduce six distinct categories including, Exploration, Outdoor Sports,

Travel, Fashion, Beauty, and Food. Each category will select the top three submissions and the works of the award-winning content creator displayed on Infinix’s global landing page. The final collection of artistic works will display multiple perspectives examining diversity and the beauty of life.

This exciting campaign is open to multiple platform engagements, including Meta/Facebook, TikTok and Xclub starting from Nov 2022. All users participating in the campaign are to post the creative content to their respective social media accounts and to tag @infinixmobile account, with the handles, #DiscoverYourOwnStoryfromZERO and #INFINIX.

Vlogging With Infinix ZERO 20

The newly launched ZERO 20 encapsulates the spirit of the Infinix & Discovery Global Vlog Challenge. Adopting a world-first 60MP OIS Front Camera and crisp 108MP Rear Camera. The ZERO 20 reflects an era when anyone can access the technology needed to become a mobile photographer & vlogger. The ZERO 20 gives users exactly what they need to capture the world around them. And themselves in stunning detail at a moment’s notice.

Showcasing impressive technology packaged in a stylish body. The world-class 60MP front camera, OIS+EIS anti-shake and stability features powerful auto focusing capabilities. And Super Night Selfie Mode, which provides consumers with a sublime selfie and video-graphy experience.

The powerful front camera has complimented by a robust 108MP rear camera supporting a multi-style creation mode. Offering creators more exciting possibilities for content creation. Additionally, the ZERO 20 has powered by MediaTek’s Helio G99 6nm processor offering a silky-smooth shooting experience to content creators that use multiple apps and put their device under a heavy load.

Committed To The User

According to App Annie’s 2022 Mobile Market Report, the data for 2021 indicates that. For every 10 minutes of mobile device use time. 7 minutes are spent on social media applications such as YouTube and Tiktok. An increase of time spent on photo and video applications demonstrates that social communication has still the dominant type of smartphone use. From this study, it would be a fair conclusion to state that mobile photography and video have become an important way for people to share their lives, express their feelings and interact with others.

Infinix X Discovery #DiscoverYourOwnStoryfromZERO depicts the ease of use and camera power to record or capture using through a smartphone only. In order to take part in the Infinix X Discovery Global Vlog Challenge. Users can post their creative content onto their social media platforms and use all relevant hashtags as well. If the content reflects the essence of exploration combines with creativity in true meaning then participants can also win the creative most Infinix Discovery IP boxes to continue their journey of content creation further!

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