Editor’s pick Our top three choiceses for mid-range smartphones in Pakistan and why the HUAWEI nova 9 is the pick of the bunch


There are such countless great telephones to browse at this moment, yet which one has the ruler of the palace? Is there ever a victor? Cell phones come in all shapes, sizes, and costs. We have positioned and audited the three top 2022 smartphones money can buy today.

What might you at any point anticipate from a new cell phone in 2022? There are many elements you want to think about, yet fundamentally the things you want to keep a nearby eye on are; design, camera, battery life, and charging speedsinadditiontocoolfeaturesthatspiceuptheuserexperience.

With that said, trust us-these smartphones are all top-notchandifyouwanttoknowmore,simplyreadontofindouthoweachonesshinesinitsownway.

Huawei Nova 9


  • Display:120Hz curvedOLED6.57-inchdisplayCamera setup: Rear Cameras: 50MP + 8MP +2MP +2MP – Selfie:
  • 32MPCharging:66WHUAWEI SuperCharge
  • Storage:8GBRAM+128GBinternal
  • storageChipset: 6nm Qualcomm
  • Snapdragon 778G
  • Dimensions:160mmx73.7mmx7.77mm

Huawei, as of late, delivered the HUAWEI nova 9, the furthest down the line expansion to its well-known and cherished HUAWEI nova series.DubbedastheTrendyFlagshipCameraKing,thislatesthotshotfromHuaweiinherits the Huawei nova Series’ exceptional tasteful and modern plan, bringing along strong execution and highlights that help clients catch and make. It is a useful right hand for making and sharing video content, particularly in regards to vlogging highlights!

The most recent cell phone from Huawei debuts with a new colorway – Colour No. 9- created with an all-new Starry Flash AG Glass process that adds a unique texture to the chassis and highlights the iconic camera module, giving it greater visual emphasis.ColourNo.9isamixoflow-saturation blue and purple hues meticulously blend with the glittering particles to form a dreamy color spectrum that gives off a hint of mysteriousness. Under different lighting, the color finish reflects vivid and colorful designs. Under a spotlight, the entire gadget sparkles and shimmers. It helps clients to remember the sub tlemomentsintheirlife,whichareinspiringandexhilarating.

Its body’s front and posteriors are marginally bent, causing it to feel more slender and more agreeable to hold. Packed with a 6.57-inch curved display, the theHUAWEInova9remainssleekwithathickness of only 7.77mm and a weight of approximately 175g. Speaking of the display, the HUAWEI nova9 sports a 6.57-inch 120Hz Original-Colour Curved Display that can render 1.07 billion colors, delivering smooth visuals in fine details. The incredibly curved screen slides from the center to bothsidesjustlikeawaterfall, whichoffersimmersivevisualsandacomfortablegripatthesametime.

The HUAWEI nova 9 follows HUAWEI nova 8’s Star Orbit Ring plan idea that is like the old look however accompanies a nova ring seal that features the Star Orbit Ring making it much more recognizable and eye-catching.

The HUAWEInova9comeswithanUltraVisionAIQuadCamerasystem,whichincludesa50MPUltraVision the Main Camera with an RYYB color filter array, an 8MP Ultra Wide Angle Camera, a 2MP DepthCamera furthermore, a 4cm 2MP Macro Camera. Whether it is city night photographs, displays, or pictures withbokeheffectsor close-up shots, the HUAWEInova9letsuserscaptureimages in highqualityanddeliverpro-grade clearness.

Satisfying the need for an amazing vlogging experience, the HUAWEI nova has nine elements and an a32MP High-Resselfie camera. The HUAWEI nova nine backings 4K video shooting at 30fps with top quality and high framerate. Itdeliversanenjoyablevideoexperiencewithfascinatingdetails and smooth motion.

Moreover,usersofHUAWEInova9caneasilyswitchbetweenfrontandrear cameraswhilstfilmingto produce a single video featuring both footages in one go. On the other hand, you can utilize Dual-View Video to show both front and back points of view or put a zoomed shot and wide shot together, both taken on the back camera framework, in one edge. Once more, this exchanging of cameras happens flawlessly, permitting you tocreateuniquevideosbyjustpressingtherecord button.

Regardlessofthetask, the Huawei nova 9deliversexcellentbatterylifewiththehighcapacity4300mAhbattery. Moreover, pursuing time is kept to a base, with the new cell phone supporting 66WHUAWEISuperCharge forhighspeedcharging.

Running on EMUI 12, the HUAWEI nova 9 offers users a smart and seamless experience. The trusted,innovativeandsecureAppGalleryisavailableontheHUAWEInova9,whereuserscandownloadawiderangeofhigh-quality apps.

Samsung Galaxy S21Specsroundup:

  • Display: 6.2-inch120HzDynamicAMOLED2XDisplay
  • Camera setup:RearCameras:12MP +64MP+12MP –Selfie:10MP
  • Charging:25WSamsungSuper-FastCharging
  • Storage:8GBRAM+128/256GBinternalstorage
  • Chipset:5nmSamsungExynos2100
  • Dimensions:151.7mm x71.2mmx7.9mm

From the front, the Galaxy S21 accompanies a 6.2-inch 120Hz Dynamic AMOLED show total with a flawless poke hole selfie camera in the top center of the screen. Look nearer, and you will see the S21 has dropped its ancestor’s bent showcase and picked level edges. Notwithstanding, in reasonable use, the theGalaxyS21’sdisplayisgreat. Sticking “Vivid” modeandyouwillseeheapsofcontrastandcolour. Thedisplayisalsogoodforwatchingvideosandmovies,orsimplyscrollingthroughyourpicturesorplayinggames.

Hardware-wise,the Galaxy S21comeswitha triple cameraarraywhichcomprises amain12MP wide-angle lens,a12MP ultra-wide lens anda64MP telephotolens with3x hybridoptic zoomand30xspacezoom.Onthevideofront,theGalaxyS21coversalotofbasesitoffersupto8K captureat24fpsthatletsyousnaphigh-quality photoswhile recording highresolutionvideos.Other high-endfeatures include1080pvideorecording at30/60/240fps, whichmakesthemsuper-smooth.Speaking of smooth,theSuperSteadymode,whichusesAItocompensateforshakyrecording,willworkson1080p60fps videocapture.

Samsung Galaxy S21 accompanies a 4,000-mAh battery. Quick charging is on offer over the USB-C PD standard, energizing the thebatteryto55%in30minutes. SamsungonlyputstheUSB-Ccablein thebox.Ifyoudonothaveachargerthenyoucanbuya25Wcharger.

Samsung Galaxy S21 runson One UI. Theinterfaceiselegant,completewitharedesignedQuickPanelanda notices a screen that feels less cluttered. Clients would particularly see the value in the overhauled lock screen gadgets as well as the capacity to put gadgets on the screen and change their straightforwardness. One UI3stillcomeswithmanyoptionstotweak yourGalaxyexperience.

Samsung Galaxy A72Specsroundup:

  • Display:6.7-inch90HzSuperAMOLEDdisplay
  • Camera setup: Rears Cameras: 64MP + 12MP + 8MP + 5MP – Selfie: 32MP
  • Charging:25WSamsungSuper-FastCharging
  • Storage:8GBRAM+128/256GBinternalstorage
  • Chipset:8nmQualcommSnapdragon720G


Overwhelming the front of the Samsung Galaxy A72 is an isa6.7-inchFHD+Super AMOLED display. The screen is vibrant with colors, excellent sunlight visibility, and great viewing angles. A layer of Gorilla Glass 5protectsthepanel.

In terms of color, the Samsung Galaxy A72 is available in Awesome Black, Awesome White, Awesome Violetor Awesome Blue. Itcomesinat165x77.4×8.4mmandweighsaround203g.Theoveralldesigncomes with a large camera block in the top left corner of the rear and a –hole selfie camera in the top center of the screen.

The Samsung Galaxy A72 comes with a camera setup, which consists of four lenses. There is a 64MP wide camera, 12MP ultra-wide camera, an 8MP telephoto camera, and a 5MP macro camera. On the front,it comes with a 32MP came rafor capturing some good selfies.

Samsung GalaxyA72 housesa5000mAhbattery andsupports25WSamsung Super-Fast Charging for a quick refill. Fastchargingcapabilityletsyouspendmoretimeplaying, scrollingandsharingandlesstimecharging.The Samsung GalaxyA72comeswithOne UI3.1 basedonAndroid11 out of the box. As it’susuallythe casewithSamsungphones,thereismorethanenoughcustomization on offer.


Pursuing an official conclusion comes down to you and your inclinations. A variety of reasons, including a sleek design, display, photography, videography, charging speeds, and of course coolfeatureswillbe the ultimate deciding factors on what your next 2022 smartphone will be. However,amongstallthe2021 trendy flagships, the Huawei nova nine ticks all the above boxes and has exceptional design and some cool futuristic features!

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