“Fly Jinnah”appoints Chief Executives Officer

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Fly Jinnah, Pakistan’s new low-cost carrier, and a joint venture company between Lakson Group
and Air Arabia Group, announces the appointment of Mr. Syed Armaan Yehia as Chief Executive Officer.

Mr. Yehia brings over 28 years of aviation experience and has held senior positions with two airlines in
Pakistan, starting as Director of Marketing of Aero Asia International, where he was also a founding team
member, driving the airline’s growthprior to joining Airblue in 2004 where he served as Director of Commercial
Operations and responsible for developing the airline’s commercial activities for almost two decades.Built on
the knowledge and experience gained from previous roles, he will work closely with all stakeholders toensure
the company achieve growth and enduring value to its customers and shareholders.

‘Fly Jinnah’ launched its commercial operations on November 1st , 2022 and currently operates domestic flights
across five destinations in Pakistan including, Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar and Quetta. The airline
operates a modern fleet that consists of three Airbus A320 aircraft and serving the Pakistani market with
domestic destinations for the first year then it will expand its route network internationally.
Lakson Group and Air Arabia Group announced their decision to form a JV airline in Pakistan in September

  1. ‘Fly Jinnah’ follows Air Arabia’s low-cost business model and provide its customer base with a reliable
    operation and value-driven product starting from the aircraft which is configured with 174 seats providing
    added comfort with one of the most generous seat-pitch of any economy cabin. The aircraft is also equipped
    with “SkyTime”, a free in-flight streaming service that allows passengers to stream a wide selection of
    entertainment directly to their devices. Customers can also enjoy a variety of snacks, sandwiches, hot meals,
    and beverages from its on-board “SkyCafe” menu at affordable prices.

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