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Investing in a real estate project is a very crucial thing as the market is saturated and there are more builders than buyers. This investment is very important for the people as it involves a large amount which is certainly not an easy number to collect. Among all the projects, selecting the best is difficult.

Al- Hadi Associates and builders presents a state of the art residential and commercial project named Al- Hadi Eiffel Heights. This project presents the future of urban living in its true sense. Al- Hadi Eiffel Heights is located at the prime location in Bahria town Lahore. It is located at Facing 80 Kanal Park  (Eiffel tower).

Al- Hadi Eiffel Heights are not only making verbal promises but they also believe in delivering what they say to maintain their reputation and gain the trust of their customers. A happy client is an asset for any builder and fulfilling the word is their moral obligation. 

Providing comfort and luxury to their valued customers is the main aim and objective of A-Hadi Associates. Amenity is the key element that the buyers look for and Eiffel Heights make sure that all the desires are fulfilled.They are offering single bed studio apartments as per the needs of their clients. Not only that, they also have the option of 2 bed studio apartments for those who need more accommodation.

High Ends Features at Al Hadi Eiffel Heights 

Al- Hadi Eiffel Heights presents the following high end features for its valuable clients 

  1. Digital Map

Eiffel Heights are providing their customers with a digital map that they can access anywhere anytime. The visitors/ buyers can move around and can easily locate whatever they want regarding the building.

  • Air Conditioned Lobby

A properly maintained lobby that will be air-conditioned in summers and heated in winters so that the buyer has a comfortable environment throughout the year.

3. Free Wifi

Wifi is an important feature that is required by everyone. Eiffel Heights will have an open wifi connection with extended bandwidth so that maximum people can easily use it without the issue of a slow network.

4. Standby Generator

Eiffel Heights will be providing electricity backup so that the investment may not be a regretful thing for their clients to invest in their project. The electric backup is a 42 hours available generator, no battery charging issue, no other hassle. If the electric supply were cut for a longer time as well, they can supply electricity so that the lives of their clients do not get disturbed in any way.

5. High speed Elevators

A slow elevator is found in most of the buildings that is very frustrating. An elevator is meant to save time and energy and a slow elevator is nothing but annoying the person using it. Keeping this point as a priority their project will have high speed elevators installed. 

6.Broad Car Parking

The building has a spacious car parking area where the cars can be parked easily

7.High Alert Security

They ensure the security of not only the cars but also every apartment of the building as it is their responsibility to provide a proper secure and protective environment.  They have a 24 hour active security system to provide full protection and reach immediately if some mishap happens.

8. Updated fire safety system

They have the latest fire system for the security in case of emergency

9. Housekeeping Services

All their buyers have to do is, just bring their luggage and leave the rest on them. They have kitchen facilities, they can order whatever they want to eat or drink. Their services are provided 24/7 for the comfort of their residents.

10. Secure Surroundings

The surroundings have been made sure to be fully secured so that kids and adults both can live freely and not only this they will ensure that their commodities are also secure.

Added elements

  1. Coffee Shop

A good weather and coffee with family or a small gathering of friends and a little snack time, you will get all this in their coffee shop a little sitting and a pleasurable time will elevate your mood.

  • Commercial area

In a residential building only the apartments are not what a customer requires but they need other facilities as well and Eiffel Heights are liable to provide them with those facilities. Their project has a proper commercial shop with all the standardized features that they know their clients would expect from them..

  • Nearby park 

Their building faces the 80 Kanal park so that the residents may easily go out for a walk or sit in the park for fresh air and also take their children for outdoor activities.

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