6 Website Design Trends to Follow in 2020

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Trends keep changing and every industry sees something new each year. Likewise, the website design & development trends are changing in 2020 and these changes are going to continue to get better. Why do trends keep changing? – Because of the needs of the users. As consumers become more aware and have access to modern technology, sellers must become smarter to cater to their needs. This calls for a new trend in how website designs are easier and more accessible. Here are six website trends your website must follow.

1.    Oversized Typography

Using bigger letters means easier readability in 2020. People do not have time to stress themselves for information. The more visible your text and letters are on very mobile or desktop the longer people would want to stay on your website and read. If you bold certain texts, people tend to remember them. Besides, the easier it is for them to find the information they need, the higher the chances that they will convert into clients.

One tip – if you plan to follow this trend in 2020, is keep the fonts simple and appealing. If you go for creative text, it may not help but harm your campaign. To get more assistance with this, a SIGBL software solution is a good place to start.

2.    Animated Backgrounds

Use a good background on your website. Monochromatic backgrounds are not the new trend anymore. Your audiences need something visually appealing. One interesting idea is to use a green background. Use panoramic videos in the background because they attract people and tend to keep them around for a bit longer. Besides, everyone needs something entertaining, so you can use videos in the headers or backgrounds.

3.    Adaptive Designs

This concept is nothing new. It has been around for sometime now, but had taken the back seat. Now, the trend is coming back again. People are using their mobile devices more often than desktops. A website with a theme that adapts to different mobile devices easily is a very huge plus in 2020. You can use a theme that allows mobile users to switch between windows easily.

4.    Dynamic Content

In 2020, content will still rule. Ever since the beginning of the internet, content has been the main element for people. However, no two people have the same needs. Showing every visitor, the same content is outdated. Now, you need dynamic content to make your website appeal to your audience.

What does dynamic content mean?

It means presenting content based on location or cookies. The website changes according to the visitor’s needs.

5.    Concealed Navigation Bar

In most website designs, navigation bars take up a lot of space. The new trend in 2020 is minimalism and SIGBL can guide you better to achieve this. Websites will save space and hide their tool bars behind a simple icon, place them in the corners somewhere. This will allow people to browse the website and focus on the content.

6.    Minimalism with Bold Colors

Black and white is not the only minimalistic concept. You can have a website with bold colors and a simple design at the same time. Your website can have bright colors and look attention grabbing. Be progressive and adventurous. Explore your visitors’ psychology to send them the right message.

Make the most of these trends because they will follow us into 2020.

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