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Introducing a superior waterproofing solution to guard structures against water damage, AkzoNobel Pakistan, a leading Paints and Coatings company successfully added another innovative product to its portfolio with DuluxAquashield Flexible Waterproof Basecoat – a waterproofing solution suitable for both interior and exterior walls, preventing water seepage and helping extend the life of top coats.

Usman Hafaz, Head of Brand & Customer Marketing, AkzoNobel Pakistan said, “The launch of DuluxAquashield is a step forward for AkzoNobel Pakistan in the waterproofing category. It is the ultimate water defence for your walls that features ‘Hydroshield Technology’, offering superior waterproofing, water repellence, algae and fungus resistance, alkali guard, extended top coats durability and crack bridging ability, bringing new life to damp interiors and exteriors.”

DuluxAquashield Flexible Waterproof Basecoat guards against water damage resulting from rainfall, seepage, cracks and leakages. The formulation consists of moisture repelling components that protect the structures against inclement weather. Dulux products are used to prime and fill the surface. The next step is to prime the surface with two coats of DuluxAquashield Flexible Waterproof Basecoat at the recommended dilution.  After the surface dries completely, Dulux interior and exterior top coats are used for the final touch.

Saad Mahmood Rashid, CEO AkzoNobel Pakistan said, “Our passion for paint at AkzoNobel helps us institutionalize innovation through offering solutions that set new benchmarks in the Paints and Coatings industry. Our products are not only aesthetically pleasing but provide functional benefits, such as DuluxAquashield Flexible Waterproof Basecoat – a waterproofing solution that will protect your interiors and exterior surfaces from water damage.”

DuluxAquashield Flexible Waterproof Basecoat complements a diverse range of Dulux exterior and interior topcoats to give consumers the best of protection and aesthetics.

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