Tarang of Engro Foods Limited participates in the First Ever Halal Assembly of Pakistan

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Tarang of Engro Foods Limited participates in the First Ever Halal Assembly of Pakistan

Faisalabad 21 March, 2018– Being the 2nd largest Dairy company in Pakistan, Engro Foods Limited (EFL), participated in the first ever Halal Assembly. The Assembly was coupled with Pak-China Agriculture Forum and Faisalabad Food Festival & Nutrition Expo.

The festival was to showcase the various Halal food brands available in the market for consumers. Engro Foods Limited being a consumer centric organization is driven with the focus of providing safe and Halal products to its customers. All the products of Engro Foods Limited are HALAL as certified by the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA), one of the key partner in Halal Assembly. Brands like Olpers, Omung, Tarang and Omore, all EFL products are in compliance with the National and International food safety & quality certifications.

Dr. Nasir – Manager Scientific and Regulatory Affairs from Engro Foods chaired a session and spoke on the topic of ‘Dietary Fats in Human Nutrition: Myths and Facts’. He said, “It is important for the food industry to be honest in their operations and take responsibility for the health and nutrition of the consumers. As an organization, Engro Foods Limited values its consumers, the most. We ensure that our products are Halal certified and safe for consumption. We believe in creating awareness and empowering our consumers to understand the difference between myths and facts. In this regard EFL has been working with academia, nutritionists and scientific community. The current presentation on  dietary fats in human nutrition is also an effort in the same regard. We hope to continue our efforts, by actively collaborating and partnering in such scientific and policy events.”

Being a consumer centric entity EFL is focused on providing Halal and best quality products to our consumers. It is very important for Engro Foods Limited to ensure that the needs of our consumers are met through innovative solutions which are developed on the best international practices. EFL ensures that our processes are 100% compliant with national and international regulations and authorities.

Engro Foods Limited has and will continue to play an active role in being a part of all events, where consumer health is a part of the agenda.

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