Saturday, December 04, 2021

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Turkish Consul General visited Dawlance factory in Karachi to see its State-of-the-art Air conditioner line

Dawlance is the leading producer of home-appliances and electronics in Pakistan, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Arçelik – the 2nd largest manufacturing enterprise in Europe. The Consul General of Turkey – Mr. Tolga Uçak, recently visited the Dawlance Private Limited factory (DPL–2) in Karachi, to inaugurate its newly installed, state-of-the-art manufacturing plant for […]

YouTube announces top trending videos and creators of 2021

The lists of the top trending videos and top content creators have been released by YouTube Pakistan. The lists have been generated from a mix of content covering a wide range of daily life topics, videos, TV, esports and simple food recipes and tips. The lists also indicate how the user behavior changed keeping the […]