Friday, October 22, 2021

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The Redefined XOS 10 Starts the New Journey on Intelligence and Visual Exploration

Leaping from XOS 7.6, the new version of INFINIX operating system has arrived on schedule, redefined as XOS 10. Focusing on ultimate user experience, XOS 10 has achieved significant improvements in features, UI design and underlying system optimization. The unprecedented breakthrough in vision and features directly leads to the renaming of XOS 10. Having witnessed […]

Huawei Arab Innovation Day 2021 Inspires Collaboration to Drive Innovation in the Arab World

Held under the theme of “Collaboration to Drive Innovations in the Arab World,” Huawei Arab Innovation Day 2021 witnessed landmark keynotes and discussions led by ministerial and senior leaders from the Arab governments, regional and international ICT organizations, and high-level technology stakeholders from different verticals and industries. The opening keynote was delivered by Catherine Chen, […]